New York, Overheard

New Yorkers have a way of saying lots of funny stuff, usually when you least expect it, and one of the most fun things about being on the streets of New York is that it is impossible to predict when or where this will happen. This blog is about those amazing unpredictable moments when New Yorkers are just being, well, NEW YORKERS. I LOVE New York and I LOVE New Yorkers. As a matter of fact, I consider myself to be one. I hope you enjoy my blog about what I have overheard on the streets of the Big Apple. I encourage and welcome your comments and, hey, feel free to tell me what YOU have OVERHEARD IN NEW YORK!

Sometimes, in the New York Subway, it’s best to simply NOT pay attention…


No, it’s flooding. All of Manhattan is flooding. The pollution? It’s killing everything, and Manhattan’s flooding, so everyone’s going to die. I’m moving to California. Or Connecticut.

I’m not at all sure that THIS is something you want to offer in Harlem. Is That Racist? I’m being a racist, right?


FREE Wine Tasting! 5-8pm.

Breakfast at Mike’s Coffee Shop in Brooklyn will NEVER be the same again…


She had a BRAIN operation. You know what that IS? They go up through your fuckin’ NOSE.

Sometimes it’s a big, fat challenge to say the right thing…Upper East Side…..


“The nice thing is that since she’s a worrier, she worries FOR you, so you don’t have to worry.” “But I wouldn’t have worried in the first place.” “Oh.”

No Clue. I simply have NO CLUE what this Means. Cathedral Parkway, 110th st…


You’re not going to have any pee left by the time we get home.

So, exactly WHICH Step is this? Lincoln Center, 63rd and B’way…


“I haven’t had anything to drink in over two weeks.”
“Yeah, turns out I was drinking for all the wrong reasons.”

Ahhh…it’s Nearly Springtime in the Apple, and that can ONLY Mean that it’s Time to go Lookin’ for Love!!!


My last apartment was just my daughter and me and two other roommates. It was fine. The one roommate was okay, but the OTHER one, she was a heroin addict. So that was kinda weird.

Perhaps a Sentiment Peculiar to New Yorkers? You Decide…


Yeah, I’m at the Strand. That used book store? Yeah, I got eaten by the books.

It’s BROOKLYN, Yo! And it’s Jimmy Fallon’s FAVORITE Pizza Joint!!


I can’t make no fucking pizza! I don’t got no dough! How can I make pizza without any fucking dough! This is fucked up!! Don’t get me started! I can only do with what I got! I CAN’T DO MIRACLES!!

Ahhh…..the nostalgia of it all….Union Square Barnes and Nobel…


“If you get it, you get. If you don’t, you don’t belong. Period.”
“Fer real.”

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