New York, Overheard

New Yorkers have a way of saying a lot of funny shit, usually when you least expect it. This blog is about those amazing unpredictable moments when New Yorkers are just being NEW YORKERS. I hope you enjoy my blog about what I have overheard while roaming the streets. I encourage and welcome your comments and, hey, feel free to tell me what YOU have OVERHEARD IN NEW YORK!

Coming soon to a Synagogue near you!


True Confessions: Good for the SOUL…

sucky“Well, you were kind of the sucky one, weren’t you?”

“Well, we both was.”

Too Much TMI?? Literally.

SexActivitiesBut that’s not me, see?  Me, I’m very reserved about my sexual activitites.

Ah, the New York Art world…just gives me the warm and fuzzies…

“We never got it published, but…”


“Yeah, it’s about a tap-dancing cat.”


“Yeah, we like to get people out of their comfort zone.”

Ah, The Dating Game: it JUST doesn’t get easier, folks…

GoalWell, I’m very goal oriented; I’m very “cause and effect,” and, um…I’m not an artist, so I just want to know: do you HAVE a path?

Ahh…True Romance…It’s a Beautiful Thing…

fuckinCheckNo!  So I’m going to CASH my  Fuckin‘ check and bring some fuckin’ MONEY home.  Now, WHERE do you want to go??

Another “Alternative Fact”? You Decide…

Idiot“He such an IDIOT.  He thinks the news is fake, and my orgasms are real.”

SOME People see the glass as half FULL, while OTHERS…

ArmLegWell whaddya gonna do wid one arm and one leg, y’know?


bigassIf you standin’ by the DOOR PULL YO’SELF IN!!!

Now You See Him, Now You Don’t (Maybe)…

wasthatyou“Hey, did I see you crossing 96th street this morning?”

“How would I know?”

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