New York, Overheard

New Yorkers have a way of saying a lot of funny shit, usually when you least expect it. This blog is about those amazing unpredictable moments when New Yorkers are just being NEW YORKERS. I hope you enjoy my blog about what I have overheard while roaming the streets. I encourage and welcome your comments and, hey, feel free to tell me what YOU have OVERHEARD IN NEW YORK!

Stay in SCHOOL!! Get a DEGREE!! Someday, you’ll thank me!!

"Thanks a lot. What do you do?"

“Thanks a lot. What do you do?”

“I’m an art teacher.”

“Hey! I used to be an art teacher.”


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5 thoughts on “Stay in SCHOOL!! Get a DEGREE!! Someday, you’ll thank me!!

  1. Kate Christmas on said:

    Niiice. How are you?

    Kate Christmas


  2. ha! so true. i moved to nyc almost 3 years ago and, in addition to just having a blast being in this great city, it’s always fun to (not) listen to conversations. just yesterday i overheard a dad asking his young child, “do you want a raisin or an almond as the nose?” it made me smile.

    • thanks so much for taking the time to write this comment…glad you “get” it! Of course, the profession could be anything at all….writer…poet, jazz musician…whatev. but this really did happen to my teacher, Dan Thompson…I thought it hysterical!!! Thanks again….

      • you’re welcome! and, yep, since i used to be a science/drama teacher, i totally “got” that it could be any profession at all. i enjoy reading your posts …. i’ve started to listen more. now i need to write more.

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